It’s already 2019 and the marketing world has changed and adapted as per the consumers’ psychology. Some marketing experts even say that the marketing scenario has changed mostly since 3-4 years more than last 50 years.

While online world has become the most influencing factor in everyone’s life, many start-ups and businesses have adopted digital marketing.

But, just taking your business online is not going to help you for effective growth of your business. Thus, we have assembled the Top 10 list of digital marketing strategies you can follow in order to grow your business effectively and efficiently.

1. Get Active On Social Media

Social media has been in the market for quite a while now and it is no longer been seen as just another fad. Many companies have leveraged the power of social media and have built their brand around it. Thus, you definitely should get active on social media. It doesn’t mean that you have to
create profile on all of the social media platforms. You must have researched
your audience, their demographics and their psychographics before starting your
business, right? Then, use that information to figure out that on what platform
does your target audience or the potential audience hang out more. Focus on
those specific platforms only. For example, you have a Real Estate business
where you sell 2bhk apartments. Then getting active on Snapchat where most of
the users are teenagers is not going to help at all. You might focus on
Facebook and Instagram instead.

Also, it is important to stay up to date on the platform. Outdated social media accounts might give an impression of business inactivity.

2. Website Is Your Online Sales Person

It is said that social media platforms come and go, but your website is going to stay forever! When it’s about the online world, your website plays a central role in customer acquisition process. Your website is not your asset, but your online office which should have sales like function. If
you are not utilising the power of your website and just using it as a ‘glorified brochure’, you are losing lot of potential business.

Your website should contain your service information, web design matching your brand, clear call to action and lead capturing system in such a way that it can interact and help convert the visitor just like how your sales person does.

3. Build Email and Contact List Since Day One

It is said that email marketing is the bloodline of digital marketing. It is because your first email to your potential client is where you break the ice and start connecting in a personalized way. One of the top digital marketers, Neil Patel says, “Out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them.” He also admits that email
marketing not only does have a high conversion rate, but as you build up your
list you can continually monetize it by pitching multiple products or services.

Although you can say that you are marketing your business through Facebook and Instagram accounts and getting good result, getting serious about email marketing will bring in even more business for you.

4. Customer Endorsement

One of the most important factors why people take decision in buying your service or product is by checking out the social proof. Be it the review on your social media platform or online business directories or just trusting the word of mouth.

Hence, you can leverage this factor by making your current customers endorse your brand or service. You can even do it by the help of testimonials. Its only when the third person experiences and suggests is when your potential client will feel the trust within you. Self claim by your brand about
trust will not help build it.

5. Build A Community

Everyone likes to become a part of something and it is a good form of socialising. When you are selling your services or products, just simply don’t focus on the business part. Think about building a brand. And a successful brand is built when people starts associating themselves, their traits, their attitude with the brand image.

When the sense of belonging to the community will be developed amongst your customers, their loyalty and faith will be eventually develop towards your brand, hence becoming your regular customers and brand endorsers.

6. Always Have A Strategy

When it comes to using digital platform for business growth, lot of people make mistake of being present on each and every online platform and start shooting in the dark. Also, they start bombarding with their offers and sales messages which reaches to the random people in their circle. This is of no use.

While choosing medium online, it is necessary to choose only the most effective ones which are suitable for your business and on which most of your potential customers hang around. Also, simply pushing your advertising copies, increasing the number of social media followers is not going to help.

You should have a proper strategy designed in order to help your potential customer convert into the repetitive customer.

7. Create Value For People

Behind every great brand is a valuable and relevant content that connects with the company’s audience. It is said that give value to your customers even before they think about giving you their money. Same applies in online scenario.

Gone are the days when digital marketing was all about just advertising online. Today, the content marketing strategies of a brand plays an important role. With increasing competition between the brands to show off their presence online, it simply comes down to one thing and that is, one giving more value to the audience is going to receive more attention!

Thus, write blog articles and make multimedia content which will be valuable to your potential customers. Posting that on your website or social media accounts and promoting it will help bring in the visitors who might eventually get converted in your customers.

8. Videos!

If video marketing is not yet in your online marketing strategy, then you are running way behind the time. While it is being said that almost 80% of the online traffic in 2020 is going to be the video streaming
traffic, your brand should probably not get missed in this scenario. We know
that YouTube is the second largest visited website and the second preferred
search engine after Google. Other social media platforms like Facebook and
Instagram have too adapted themselves as ‘videos prefered’ platforms.

While people like, as well as tend to remember ‘watching’ more than ‘reading’ online, in order to convey your message effectively, clearly and in a trustworthy yet entertaining way, video marketing should be your top priority.

9. Start Running Online Paid Ads

Highest conversion takes place when you keep a right product or a service in front of the right person.

Paid online Ads which consist of Facebook – Instagram Ads and Google Ads let us exactly do this. By targeting right people as per their demographics & psychographics on Facebook & Instagram and by keywords on Google, we push ourselves in front of the most accurate potential customer.

No matter what your business is, getting started with the online paid ads may instantly bring in the business for you.

10. Get Listed On Online Directories

No matter whether they are the free ones out there or the paid ones, getting listed on online directories does count! While Google My Business is the first thing from where you should start from, there are
numerous other online directories which are popular depending upon the place
where your business is located, your country and most importantly your niche.

You have to register in the directories just as bonus traffic but you never know this can be your primary source of getting clients. Just, you have to keep our profile up to date, optimise it for the search ability and do not forget to maintain positive reviews.


Final Words

If you follow these 10 things, you are all set to skyrocket your business and take it to the next level by leveraging the power of

But, it might sound overwhelming for some who need to focus on the actual business instead of marketing. For them, they can continue working on the business, and leave the digital marketing responsibility on us. Shoot us a message or a query now before your competitors take their step…