Did you ever bought a product or a service from someone whom you thought is doing a good marketing? Probably you must have appreciated their creativity or marketing efforts. But the moment you feel that whatever influenced you is a part of their marketing plan, you just didn’t feel convinced enough. You didn’t like to get sold to anyone. Let alone the brands whose marketing is not so good.

In today’s noisy world where everyone is trying to sell something, there is a huge audience who can smell their desperation. Someone is trying to convince the clients to get their service, someone is promoting that their products are better than their competitor’s, while someone is trying to sell themselves as the best bait to everything.

As lot of businesses are jumping into the market daily, the marketing techniques have become so predictable that most of the audience has developed a resistance towards it.

The moment they watch a Facebook Ad of someone offering something for free, they know their email id is going to be asked. They know they are going to be bombarded with ‘helpful’ emails pushing for a sale. When someone comes at their door trying to give a free demo of something, they know that they are here to sell it.

Irrespective of all such noise & competition, there still are numerous brands & people who have become successful in entering the life of consumers & became a part of their lifestyles. Do you know what made them successful in doing so? They simply were the ‘Good Marketers’!

You might be reading this article either because you want to market your product or service effectively or maybe because you are the marketer who is finding an effective way to market your clients’ business. So, you must definitely want to know, what makes someone a ‘good marketer’, right?

The secret is pretty simple. Good marketers never ‘sell’.

Once Tom Fishburne, founder & CEO of Marketoon Studios said, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

So if that’s the case, what do ‘good marketers’ do then?

They simply help people to make good choices. And they make sure that the good choice is no one but themselves.

Sounds intimidating right?

In this article we are going to take a look at, how you can change your approach towards marketing & adapt yourself to become a ‘good marketer’. Following are the 8 things to work upon to become a Good Marketer.

1. Getting Back To Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing starts even before the product is created. When we say, ‘marketing’, we don’t mean advertising, promoting or selling. What we mean is to fit a product into the hands of consumer so perfectly that they should think they were waiting for it since ages.

Thus, in order to become a best ‘fit’, first thing you should do is to stop brainstorming & using your creativity to come up with some fancy ideas and study consumer behaviour first. Yes!

A product is born out of studying & understanding the consumer behaviour.

Once you identify the burning problems that people are facing in their lives, you should come up with the best possible solution. And this solution is your product! If the product is made so perfectly to fit in the lives of the consumers, then half the battle is won. That’s why it is important to begin with the end in mind.

Now the battle is just half won. What you should be doing in the other half? Keep reading to know.

2. Dominating That Niche


There goes the age old saying.

“If you try to become everything to everyone, you will end up becoming nothing to no one.”

Looking at the world today, everyone is trying to become the No. 1. The only reason they are trying to do that is because they are offering the same thing which numerous others are offering. It’s a rat race. Not of being different or offering something better, but being at the top of everyone.

But it is also a fact that whoever claims they are the No. 1, it is only one or two of them who is going to take away most of the market share. So what’s the better approach? Now here is where the power of niche dominance comes in.

What if instead of trying to be No. 1, you try to be the only one? Won’t it take away all the generic competition where most of the businesses keep on struggling just to prove their presence? This will not only allow a brand to assertively establish itself as an expert or authority in that category, but will also open up the scope of deep penetration within that specific market.

For example, what comes in your mind when you say the biggest e-commerce store? Amazon. Flipkart. That’s it! No one can complete with them. But do you know why Myntra gained a bigger market share in Indian e-commerce? It’s because they dominated in the category of fashion & apparels. Why IndiaMart made its mark? It’s because they dominated in the category of B2B e-commerce instead of B2C.

So, once you project yourself as a category leader, now the time comes that you actually step on the ground & start taking efforts to communicate with people. This leads to the next point. The Communication!


3. Good Marketers Are Good Communicators

Greatest sin a marketer can do is to not communicate well with the audience.

Marketer, or rather a good marketer is not someone who sends messages one way & tries to influence people. He is someone who listens & understands people’s needs & offers them the best solution. He is someone who communicates with people. He is not just the company’s person. He is also the people’s person. Only when he understands people well & communicate with them, can he be able to choose the right people, at the right time, through the right medium & in the right way to deliver the message effectively & successfully. It’s never the one way communication. It’s a two way communication.

But even when you have the right kind of product & be able to communicate rightly, doesn’t make your marketing plan full proof. It’s time to start adding value in the life of consumers & gain their trust. It is through this that the ice is going to break, and naturally going to lead them towards the sale! What better than the ‘CATT’ formula will make it possible?


4. The CATT Formula

Imagine that you are sitting in a restaurant with your friend & I suddenly show up there & ask you to buy a book I have just published. How interested will you be? You will try to shoo me away right? Now imagine that it is your friend who introduces me to you. Now I try to sell you my book. You may try to consider it or you may check it in order to be nice to me. But you will not be motivated enough to buy it.

Now finally comes, the third scenario. When you felt demotivated, you read a motivational quote from me somewhere on social media. When you wanted to find some queries to your life related issues, you searched that on Google & found my blog. Maybe you attended a local event at which I was invited as a speaker & found my talk to be helpful. Finally when you are at a restaurant with your friend & I suddenly show up there. And now, I try to explain you that how my book will be helpful for you. Won’t you think of buying it right away?

That’s how the CATT Formula works! Let’s look at what do all the initials mean.

C = Content. A = Attention. T = Trust. T = Transaction.

It is the Content through which people discover someone & get their impression. Thus, it is important for you to make your content as valuable as possible. The value of your content is directly going to have an impact on the perceived value your audience is going to have. Content type can be anything such as blog / magazine/ news articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, ebooks, etc.

Once the valuable content is made, it needs to be consumed. So here you need Attention. Attention on digital platforms can be grabbed using inbound techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, etc. Or outbound techniques like running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

Once you have an attention of your target audience, you can use that to build the Trust. As without trust, there is no business. It is only if you pass your audience through this phase, that you can naturally be able to lead them towards sales. Here is where the Transaction is going to happen.

The CATT method though being in use since ages was first introduced as a terminology by a Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur Deepak Kanakaraju also popularly known as Digital Deepak.

Make sure to check his blog DigitalDeepak.com to gain the deeper insights into digital marketing.

5. Integrate Your Marketing Efforts

Now that ‘good marketer’ has his / her marketing fundamentals right, thinks about dominating in a particular niche, has become a good communicator & makes use of CATT method to market the product; he / she has to integrate all the efforts. What does this mean?

Let’s say if you start utilizing social media & keep posting something on it. You also have your website & you optimize it for search engines. You also think that you can use email marketing to build the list. But if you don’t integrate all those channels & make it work like a single machine, you will lose a lot of traction which you might have utilized.

Integrated marketing is not only important to utilize every possible platform by having a 360 degree approach, but also to remain focused on a single agenda across all the platforms.

This way you will be able to extract maximum results out of each platform & use them in a way they are designed to be. To learn more about Integrated Marketing, you can check Digital Deepak’s in depth blog on the same here.


6. Make the Brand Personal

Imagine Tesla or SpaceX without the face of Elon Musk. Imagine Apple without the face of Steve Jobs. Imagine popular political parties without the personalities of it’s popular politicians. It takes away the flavour, right? Why is it so?

Because humans connect with humans! Humans may have a perception of a certain brand name, logo, tagline, etc. But it is the person behind those brands which is able to form a connection with the consumers.

There were days when if a company comes ahead to offer a necessary commodity & if their products are good, people would simply go ahead & buy them. But in today’s world with tonnes & tonnes of brands & new companies emerging daily offering similar products; there are lot of options for the consumers.

And no, in this saturated market people will not buy your products only if you make good products. People will buy them only if you are able to form a connection with them.

And the one who can form a connection with human is not some registered entity or a trademarked name, but human himself.

That’s why, you are a good marketer only if you are able to form a personal brand & make it connect with the mass audience in such a way that the connection feels like a personal one.


7. Follow Mass Trust Blue-Print

A good Marketer or rather a good Entrepreneur never thinks his process is over when he sells his product & makes a profit. Keeping up with his growth is his natural tendency. Gaining Mass Trust helps him maintain just that.

Mass Trust is another new terminology presented by Digital Deepak for marketers. It is not just a terminology, but a method, a formula to help them establish a deep rooted trust amongst a large number of audiences. Deepak also offers a Blue-Print in order to achieve that Mass Trust. The Mass Trust Blue-Print works on 6 (or rather 7) levels & consists of following steps.

  1. Learn
  2. Work
  3. Blog
  4. Consult
  5. Mentor
  6. Start up
  7. Repeat!

Only when you learn something, you can implement it practically. Only when you implement it practically & gain experience, you can blog & share your knowledge about it. Only when you share your knowledge about it, can you consult others with the same. Only when you consult someone, you will be able to offer your mentorship. And finally after mentoring people you will become so capable that you can come up with your own Start up idea.

But hey, these are not the steps which you can do one by one. Even though you reach the level of Start up, you should always keep on learning, working, blogging, consulting and mentoring. The loop should be maintained simultaneously, or else the effectiveness in all the aspects will slowly start degrading.


8. To Go Digital or Traditional?

Being a traditional marketer if you ignore the power of digital marketing then you are making a huge mistake. Similarly being a digital marketer if you have this approach that traditional marketing has become outdated & doesn’t work anymore, you are not thinking like a good marketer.

There is no such thing as digital marketing or traditional marketing. There is only marketing. And a good marketer knows how to do it effectively irrespective of the mediums.

With the rise of high speed & affordable internet, digital mediums have become a part of people’s lives. New habits are added in their lives. But the fact that traditional platforms like TV, Newspapers & Radio are still being consumed tells us that they haven’t got outdated yet.

If we look at the numbers below, we can understand that marketing through these traditional medium should not be ignored.

  • Bharat has Televisions in around 19.7 crore homes (roughly 80 crores viewers)
  • Radio has the reach of 65% of Bhartiya population
  • Newspaper has the reach of 46.5 crore people

Though the numbers seem pretty huge, traditional marketing should be used only if the product is generic & needs a mass reach. Considering the cost, traditional marketing should only be used by the brands who can afford to spend a huge budget on branding. Small brands can lose lot of money & thus should find other better ways.

Everything said & done, what we need to keep in our mind is that digital marketing is not a replacement for traditional marketing. And, traditional marketing is not an ‘up gradation’ from digital marketing. Both the platforms have their strengths & a good marketer should learn to use them well.

Final Words

I hope by now you must have understood that ‘good marketers’ never try their hard to sell you. They simply design their marketing strategies in a way that sale becomes a natural process. Leading people who discovered you towards a sale without making them realise it, is what good marketers do.

So, did you come across any such marketing campaign which you dint realise was a campaign? Did you naturally have gotten convinced to buy a product when the brand never even tried hard to sell it to you? Let me know your experience if any in the comments section below.