With a lot of digital marketing hype going on these days, every business is adapting its marketing strategy as per this new platform. But when it comes to local businesses, many business owners think that digital marketing might not be the thing for them. There might be a misconception that local business can never need or benefit with social media or a website. But hey, let me explain.

Not only metro cities, but also Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities are getting highly populated. This has resulted in lot of local businesses to have a huge market opportunity. People in these cities or towns need a local grocery store, hair salon, dairy, automobile garage, apparel store, electronics shop, restaurant, etc. to fulfill their needs. Now, there are lot of options available in the locality. Thus, they will only choose the one which has not only offered them good service, but also have a good brand recall. If a local business fails to have their brand’s impact on customers, they are less likely to keep a hold on the customers. They will also fail to attract them again & again.

Now, in another situation, let us consider a person who is unaware about the businesses around. Or, he / she do not have an idea regarding where a particular product or service is sold. Thus, when he / she needs it, first thing he / she will do is to pull out his / her mobile phone from his pocket and make a search on Google regarding what he / she is looking for. Eg. Best veg restaurants near me, car garage near me, buy electric scooter in Pune, etc. Now, if you are not present on the internet, you will simply loose these kinds of customers.

What Does Statistics Say?

According to the statistics, around 70-80% people research a local business online before visiting it. Also, almost 97% consumers go online to find a local business or services. It’s the nature of customers! Thus, having a strong brand presence & being online is not only important, but also necessary for local businesses. 

Now that you have understood that why is online branding & digital marketing important for the local business, you might want to know how to do it.

Approaching the digital marketing for local businesses is a bit different than that of an online business. But, effectively utilizing the medium can bring you amazing results. If you want to get free digital marketing consultation for your local business, you can Contact Us & we can talk about how we can grow your business in detail.

But, are you are simply looking for tips which will help enhance your current digital marketing strategy? Then following are few tips & strategies for local businesses digital marketing.

1. Befriend Google My Business

Google My Business is the business listing directory for local businesses by Google. Getting listed your local business on Google My Business is the first thing to do once you have your business address.

It literally is a friend for local businesses. If a potential customer searches for a relevant keyword related to what service you are providing on Google, the top search area is filled with Google My Business list results. They might discover you if you get ranked there! Google My Business allows businesses to register & list themselves using their business names. It also has a provision to state business working hours, phone number, website address, type of business, etc.

One also gets their business marked or pinned on the map. So that whenever someone searches for you, they can reach straight to your shop or office through a guided Google map. And you know what the good news is? Registering your business on Google Map is absolutely FREE! Just make sure to verify your address through various options provided in order to optimize your listing for better search.

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2. List Your Business on Local Business Directories

Besides Google My Business, there are various other local business directories. Those listings too rank on first page if someone searches for relevant keywords. And people do use these listings for their research. Following are the few listing directories you may consider.

You may also consider registering your business or services at the industry specific listing sites which will prove more beneficial to grow your business through listing.

For example, if you have a healthcare clinic then you might consider registering on Practo. Hotels & Travel businesses have listing options like Trip Advisor. Universities or Education Institutes can take help of Shiksha.com while Real Estate agencies have wider options like 99Acres, Magic Bricks, Housing, etc.


3. Get A Website

It is already 2020 and having a website for any business has become as important as having an office space or a shop. And this thing applies for local businesses as well. Many local business owners might ask that we never have anything to sell online or may not have any purpose to have a website, then why should we have one?

Now, the thing here is that with lot of competition increasing amongst local businesses, it is the one who takes step ahead is going to have an edge. Website can be used to present the information about your products or services, to state your branches if any, to list your contact details to place an order, the story behind your business, etc.

Having a website will not only help to inform things, but also to build a strong brand presence online and get ranked on top for relevant keywords. It will be extremely helpful if you expand your local business in near future.

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4. Optimize Your Website & Social Media Profiles for Local Search

Simply building a profile & creating social media pages will not help your business to get discovered online. You need to optimize them to get discovered for the right keywords & preferably in your location. In order to do it so, you can follow these practices.

  • Mention address & phone number on every page of your website
  • Embed a destination map (you can use Google Map) on every page of your website
  • Fill in all the details on social media profiles including your address
  • Optimize your website with the keywords related to local search intent ie. [your business type] in [your city]

Applying this will ensure that whenever a nearby person ( potential customer) makes a relevant search, you will get discovered!

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5. Run Facebook Ads In Your Area

If you are active on Facebook (which you should for the benefit of your business) you must have noticed the sponsored ads targeted to you.  Well, they might irritate you, but having a well crafted ad copy with the valuable information & targeted to the right type of audience might work wonders.

People on Facebook keep scrolling their news feed in order to stay updated regarding the pages they have liked & to peep into their friend’s life through their posts. Thus, if you start selling your target audience on Facebook, it might not work & people might get irritated.

Thus, at Virtual Parva, we focus on running ads with valuable content, and with casual approach. This will help increase awareness about your business & create an impact of your brand. Afterwards, you can retarget the people who shown interest in your content which will eventually increase sales!


6. Run Google Search Ads for Your Area Keywords

People on Facebook were not looking for any service or product to purchase, thus we had a different approach there. But on Google Search Engine, people do come to search whatever they are looking for. Thus, instead of targeting people by geography, demography or psychography, you can go ahead and target people based of what they are searching.

For example, if you run a gym in let’s say, Pune city, then you can run your ad for a keyword ‘best gym in Pune’. So whenever someone searches for that keyword, which means that they are searching for a gym in your area, your search ad gets shown. This increases the chances of them clicking on your ad & enquiring about your businesses.

But, there goes a whole lot of process & research to find the best keywords & the biding strategy for ads. People approaching you through Google Search Ads are more likely to get converted than through Facebook Conversion or Lead Ads.

If you find it overwhelming, we can help you run Google Ads for your business.


7. Publish Social Media Content Regarding Your City

While above all strategies directly or indirectly help you in marketing & getting discovered, this strategy will help you for branding. People do check your social media profile to know about you or to get connected. No one likes the brand that keeps posting about their products, services & offers on their profiles.

Hence, if you are a local business, creating & posting content regarding the city you are present in will help you in branding. It also encourages people including the potential customers connect with you. This will also lead to the people unknown about your business find you through your content & end up becoming your customers.


Marketing locally offline & word of mouth helps for local businesses. But one should not ignore the long term benefits of utilizing the power of digital marketing for local businesses. You can adopt all the above strategies as a part of your current marketing plan. By using them effectively, you will definitely witness the sales of your local business go up and up in the long run.

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