Besides e-commerce & digital marketing strategies which we extensively talk about in our blog, business owners can learn many other things from other sources & on other topics as well. Below I have listed few blogs or websites which you can check out just for a change. You may find something new. If not, just enjoy wandering!


1.) Being Happy Photography

Started by a photography enthusiast Khush Kataria, this blog extensively writes about photography, videography & all the awesome visual stuff which you may like. You can take a look at it to find out how Khush makes use of imagery to make his website look more attractive.

Link to the blog –


2.) Sushil Gadiwan

This blog is started by a digital marketer & Google Ads expert Sushil Gadiwan. You will find lots of amazing tips & helpful articles on the blog. While Sushil writes about digital marketing tips for overall businesses, but Real Estate Agents will find more specialized posts for their industry.

Link to the blog –


3.) Pranav Bhavsar

Pranav Bhavsar started his personal blog with a goal to share tips & concepts related to digital marketing, but recently he has shifted his focus more towards content marketing. Do check out his blog & keep an eye on his content strategies.

Link to the blog –


4.) Nature For Cure

Now this blog might be completely off topic for you, or is it? This blog ran by Madhavi Rainak talks more about healing with the help of nature. Though there is nothing about marketing there, you should take a look at how she connects with the audience. Also you never know, you would end up finding some remedy for your long term health issue!

Link to the blog –


5.) Travel Books

Started by a travel enthusiast Ankita Khandelwal, Travel Books talks about all things travelling. And who doesn’t love it? So just go ahead & take a look at the amazing articles written by her which will make you loose yourself into the vast world of travel. This ‘book’ is surely worth exploring!

Link to the blog –


6.) Digital Olympian

Started by an experienced graphic designer & digital marketer Sunil Swain, Digital Olympian talks about all things digital marketing! How could you miss this blog when you are here to learn & explore all the awesome things about the digital marketing world!

Link to the blog –


7.) VRK Digital

Vijay Raj Kumar Chowdhary, an expert digital marketer writes on VRK Digital not only to share his insights on digital marketing campaigns in general, but also to share the latest tips & techniques in the industry. For all the local businesses out there, Vijay also offers a free digital marketing consultation for you on a call. Do check his blog.

Link to the blog –


8.) Cat Loves You

Now what to learn from this blog? It’s all about cats! Who doesn’t love cats? This blog started by not only a cat lover but also a great content writer, Neha Mogal, though mainly talks about petting a cat, there is lot to learn from it regarding writing content & keeping the audience hooked. Do take a look at it if you love cats & also if you don’t (you might end up loving them).

Link to the blog –


9.) Digital Hooked

Being a financial analyst herself & now stepping into the arena of digital marketing, Preethi Dhoot knows exactly how you need to approach things in order to generate leads for your business. Her blog Digital Hooked though is not focused on lead generation, talks about all sorts of awesome things which you might be curious to know. Take a look at it once. Hope it keeps you hooked!

Link to the blog –


So hope you roam around for a while & explore new blogs started by these amazing enthusiasts. Let me know which blog you enjoyed taking a look at & what did you learn from it.

And hey! Don’t worry. We will soon be back with the next article & get on track to talk more about e-commerce marketing & digital marketing strategies. Till then, stay connected!