When you think about the most expensive purchase which someone makes in their life what comes in your mind? It’s the house, right? Buying a house or any real estate property is the most important decision in everyone’s life. Thus, besides logic, it is heavily an emotional decision. And as any other buying decision, a potential house or property buyer starts his research through internet. This is when the realtors and real estate agents come into picture.

This audience behaviour opens up the whole new world of online marketing for the real estate agents being most effective and efficient way of promoting the properties. Following are the 8 ways through which the real estate agents can use digital marketing to grow the property sales.


1. Creating A Simple Informative Website

Creating a simple informative website is one of the first things you should do in order to do both, build your brand and bring in the qualified leads online. This website will serve the purposes of listing your latest projects, showcasing their unique details and collecting the information of the visitor so that you can contact them later. You can optimize the website in order to bring in organic search traffic or promote it via paid ads. This website may also serve as your online brochure on the go.

2. Writing Valuable Blog Posts

Besides advertising, you should also give value to others before they even give you their money. Due to so much of the competition on the internet world, people have gone both, confused and picky. Thus, it is important to build the trust through writing valuable blog posts related to your niche. Let’s say for example, you mostly sell residential apartments. Then, writing blog posts like ‘7 Tips for Buying Your Dream Apartment’ or ‘What Should You Look In Your New Home?’ would be beneficial to your potential customers. This way, you will slowly build their trust within you and create brand identity amongst them.

3. Setting Up Email & SMS Marketing Campaign

Even though you have received the contact details of your leads all by themselves, it is the follow up via Email & SMS campaigns which is going to help them convert into the customers. Thus, it is important to build your contact list since day one. Capture their contacts through newsletter subscription, running paid ad campaigns or through personal meeting and set the lead nurturing Email as well as SMS campaign to follow up, send seasonal offers and keep those leads warm.

4. Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Enough has been said about how social media has become a part of everyone’s life and if your potential customers are hanging around on social media, you should be present there too. Do not simply use social media to post your latest ads or listing. No one will follow you that way besides your friends or family members who are not going to buy your property anyway. Thus, design a proper social media marketing strategy and engage your potential customers with your valuable content.

5. Running Paid Ads

While realtors spend huge money on traditional ads like hoardings or bill boards, newspapers, etc. and fail to track the results and optimize their ads, thus, wasting much of the marketing budget. You should consider spending some of that money on online paid ads like Facebook and Google Ads. They are cheaper than the traditional ads and you get to optimize the ad anytime to improve the quality of results. Plus, you only spend money on showing the ads to those who are interested in buying the property and don’t shoot in the dark.

6. Create Valuable Webinars & Videos

It is only when people will realize that they are getting immense value and guidance from you in their house buying journey, they are going to trust you and consider you while buying them a new property. Thus, in order to pull them in and engage with your content, and also help build trust in you, webinars and video are very effective. Also, watching the person talking to them through a video and guiding about the house buying procedures or processes actually makes consumers trust you over your competitors who might be still showing themselves off as a more experienced company and heavily advertising their properties.

7. Optimize Content For Search Engines

No matter how awesome blogs you write helping your customers or how sleek your website looks, if they are not properly optimized (SEO), they will never get discovered by your potential customers. Also, when your website, landing page or blogs are optimized for the discoverability, the quality of the visitors is higher than the people whom you reach through paid ads. Hence, however awesome content you make, it is always important to optimize it for higher discoverability as per the search engine algorithms.

8. Build Your Online Reputation

No one wants to make their decisions and buy the biggest purchase of their lifetime, their house from someone they have never heard about or someone who has not been able to serve anyone before. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you are in the real estate business for multiple decades or just few years, you should always start building and maintaining your online reputation from Day 1 as you start using internet for your business. It may consist of encouraging your customers to leave reviews for you online and maintaining the positive reviews, timely replying to the emails and comments consisting of complaints and maintaining the healthy relation with consumers through social media, etc.

Final Words

So from the above, we can conclude that the time has come that we should take the online world seriously for promoting and marketing the real estate properties and make its effective use for growing and scaling up the real estate business.

Sounds time consuming or overwhelming? You always have an option to focus on your business and leave the digital marketing part on us. We will help you bring in the quality and qualified leads which you can close effortlessly! Shoot Us A Message today itself before your competitors take this step.